Some four years ago, travel was such a breeze, our 7 year old was a very well seasoned traveller.  Post flights we received numerous accolades based on his behavior in flight.

Three years ago that all changed when our second child arrived, we became "that family" you do not wish to sit near.  Absolutely nothing has kept our 3 year old quite onboard.   Having experienced both sides of the matter we truly have a greater appreciation for what parents (who are probably in search of some family down time) are going through.  

For everyone like us who thought it was as simple as bring the favorite toy, snack or movie rental, to get that child under control, it's simply not that easy.  Though it may very well be a long flight, rest assured the parent enjoys the flight no more than YOU.  Possibly worse then you as they know they've become "that family"...

Take it in stride knowing like some adults flying is not for everyone and when you're flying with "that family" next time, know they're doing ALL they can to improve the situation for YOU and even more importantly for THEM!

Happy Travels 

Best, Amanda